Shayla Gullette

Shayla Gullette
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Shayla Gullette is an experienced bikini bodybuilding competitor with a background in nutrition and sports medicine. She’s a personal trainer certified by NASM as well as a certified Health Coach a holistic health counselor that specializes in weights loss and educating others on how the correlation between quality nutrition for the body and your quality of lifestyle for the mind is important to heal the body.

Starting at an early age found her passion for holistic healing she knew she wanted to help others become the best versions of themselves mind, body, and soul. Motivated to share with others her own obstacles of health issues, medications, and weight management growing up. By providing her body with proper nutrition and effective exercise she was able to achieve and sustain her goals.

Her passion is to provide awareness on how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle by loving yourself 100% and feeling good in your own body. Understanding that food can either be your medicine or your poison. Shayla will show you how you can reach optimal health and fitness related goals through the power of rich nutritional food combined with fun exercise training!